Thursday, April 22, 2010

The funny things....

This one is too funny not to record. Debbie had Max and Maya last week when we were at Carli's Regionals. She was driving in the car and they were all buckled in the back with her kids. The boys were talking and Maya chimed in occasionally. She must have had a hang nail or pulled the end of her fingernail off and was showing it to Max. Max in turn says to Maya that you could tell her DNA just by testing that tiny piece of fingernail. Where that came from I have no idea. So she must have been thinking about it the rest of the way home. When they got to Debbie's house before they got out of the car she announced; well I guess if you bend the nail here in the middle it sort of looks like an A. The boys didn't get the connection but Debbie couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't either when she relayed the story to me.


Report cards came home this week. I was reading over them with the kids. They were all very good. Each one did quite well. When I was looking over Maya's kindergarten report it doesn't give traditional grades but shows where the student is mastering the skill. Under the one category is personal information such as; knows address, recites phone number, knows birthday. Maya had developing beside the knows birthday block. Developing? In my mind this is a no brainer, we make a big deal out of birthdays so I'm thinking she should remember her own. Here is how the conversation went with my sweet little blondie.

Me: "maya it says here you don't know when your birthday is, do you know when it is?"

Maya: " well I know it's in February" with that look of duh mom on her face, and then with all seriousness she says " but is it always on the same day?? " I almost start laughing but manage to ask " do you mean like the day of the week, because it isn't always on a Monday or Tuesday"

Maya: " no the same number, is it always on the same number??"

Oh my sweet little Maya Papaya, yes love it is always the same number. And I giggled the rest of the evening on that one.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Don't you cry mom...don't you cry

Madi gives the sweetest kisses, she puckers up those plump little lips and lays it on you. Her new thing has been to take my face in both her still chubby little hands and look deep into my eyes and say "don't cry momma, don't cry" Then give me a sweet little kiss. I always ask for another, and another until she says "That's it!" It is the cutest little thing and I love how sweet and sincere she is when she says it. Now I am not sure why she thinks she needs to tell me to not cry, I mean it isn't like I walk around bursting into tears all the time but it is still the cutest thing ever, and if it gets me more Madi kisses, I'll take it.