Thursday, April 22, 2010


Report cards came home this week. I was reading over them with the kids. They were all very good. Each one did quite well. When I was looking over Maya's kindergarten report it doesn't give traditional grades but shows where the student is mastering the skill. Under the one category is personal information such as; knows address, recites phone number, knows birthday. Maya had developing beside the knows birthday block. Developing? In my mind this is a no brainer, we make a big deal out of birthdays so I'm thinking she should remember her own. Here is how the conversation went with my sweet little blondie.

Me: "maya it says here you don't know when your birthday is, do you know when it is?"

Maya: " well I know it's in February" with that look of duh mom on her face, and then with all seriousness she says " but is it always on the same day?? " I almost start laughing but manage to ask " do you mean like the day of the week, because it isn't always on a Monday or Tuesday"

Maya: " no the same number, is it always on the same number??"

Oh my sweet little Maya Papaya, yes love it is always the same number. And I giggled the rest of the evening on that one.

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