Friday, March 19, 2010

Morning noise ...

It's still early and usually all I hear at this time is the hum of the laptop and the occasional noise in the upstairs bathrooms as only a few of us are awake at this hour. I try to start the day with an hour of quiet, the calm before the clamor of the day, but the last few mornings someone else has decided she likes the early morning hour too. Little miss Maggie has changed her schedule a bit and now seems to want some uninterrupted time with mom. I can hear her from the living room, upstairs beside my bed she starts talking, babbling and making small cries. She's really saying "Hey, hello, I am awake and I want up now please!!" I let her talk for a little, and listen to here sweet sounds, I go to her crib and peek over the side, watch her face light up and break into the most beautiful smile. How could I not want to spend the quiet morning with this sweet little wee one, even if it is not so quiet anymore.

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