Saturday, March 13, 2010

A tale of 2 cakes...

I have had the chance to create 2 very different gift cakes this past week, plus try my hand at 2 sweet little babycakes(cupcakes). Overall each one was a success! I love how these come together and how fun they are to make. I love that each one is different and filled with all kinds of different goodies depending on the recipient. I love making them look like "real" cakes. Pretty much I just love everything about them! The first cake I made for a friend who is hosting a baby shower. The second cake is for a bridal shower I am attending on Sunday. I love how it turned out using a tablecloth and napkins. My favorite part of the gift is a pitcher used as the center for the cake. Sooo cute!!

photos: "babycakes" cupcake, diaper cake, bridal cake

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